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Quick Thinker Award goes to State Farm’s “Backup Site Covered By” on Gawker Sites

UPDATE: 2012-11-02 | Ad Age has an update on the who’s/how’s/why’s regarding the sponsorship, and other goodies regarding the outage:

When it became clear on Tuesday that the main sites wouldn’t be back up for at least a few days, Mr. Denton asked his ad team to look for a sponsor, since most of its advertisers had no interest in running their campaigns to the backup sites. Working with OMD Chicago, the backup sites began carrying State Farm sponsorship Thursday night.

Gawker Media‘s websites (including one of my favorites, Jalopnik) were one of the victims of Hurricane Sandy, bringing their servers down for almost a week now.

To their credit, they pushed their traffic to their Tumblr sites and continued to update from there.

And, further to the credit of someone at Gawker, or State Farm, they came up with this very well placed ad on their banners.

That is quick thinking.