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The Ecosystem of Content

As the shift of available content continues to tilt to the digital side of the world, companies are finding that while becoming your own publisher is easier than it’s even been before, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Content connects, it informs, it entertains, but gets lost if it’s not managed well. As Ted McConnell states in his blog for AdAge, “Content Conundrum: How Owned Media Changes the Game“, in advertising there is a conundrum of connecting quality content with the audience.

Advertisers can manage the conundrum by thinking of content as part of brand experience and delivering it with care. Value, not persuasion, is at the center.

And, looking at the truly big picture:

Recently, in a room full of advertising brain trustees, one executive said, “The “new creative’ might be an ecosystem of content.” Brilliant. The brand lives in the connections, the juxtapositions, the inferences, the feeling of reciprocity.

So, how do you make that connection with your audience? Surround yourself with content professionals, and, as Arthur Rubinstein once said, “Practice.”