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Steve Jobs, Storyteller


Much is being written today regarding Steve Jobs decision to step down as CEO of Apple. There are many stories of his current and past achievements, and already a wrap up of all of the patents in which he’s been involved.

Long a fan of most things Apple, I’ve also been impressed with Jobs’ ability to tell a story, particularly when it came to his new products. His “one more thing…” stories are legendary.

Rich Harris at ZDNet, coincidentally, writes this week about good storytelling, or “Humanizing a product or business,” which is exactly what Apple has always done so well.

The old phrase, “Content is King” has taken on new meaning today as businesses now have so many outlets to tell their story. The 5 W’s (who, what, why, where, and when) still hold true as the steps in telling your story, but who will be the next great business storyteller?