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You Can Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger, But Don’t Forget Our Old Friend Email

Commercial Food Sanitation LLC

Commercial Food Sanitation LLC's first newsletter

It’s never been easier to be a publisher. Within minutes of sitting at your keyboard you can reach an audience that would have taken you days of planning, writing, tweaking, driving, proofing, and mailing to reach before. Now you have a choice of publishing on Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, and so many others that it’s sometimes hard to decide where to go first.

Though the publishing is easier, the reaching — while easier — is still a challenge. Sometimes though, good old-fashioned email is the right choice.

One of my clients, Commercial Food Sanitation, LLC, has built a reputation within their community as experts in the sanitation field, mostly by word-of-mouth. Now that it’s time to reach out further, they have decided to publish via their website, and starting today with an email newsletter. While the site is great for referring clients to for more information on the company, the newsletter now becomes a conversation between the company and the client.

Owner Joe Stout is now reaching out to clients and potential clients with industry related news that is both beneficial to the readers, and of course to CFS.