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Is AOL Trying To Kill Your Newspaper?

EditionsAOL announced that they are launching an iPad magazine app this summer called Editions. Business Insider hits the mark when they call it “Flipboard for Baby Boomers.”

Much has been written about Editions, and many other things around the AOL/HuffPo/Patch world, with the common denominator usually being how they will replace the daily newspaper. Two particularly interesting aspects of this story jump out; first this quote:

  • “Editions will try to replace the human editors who decide which stories to run in a magazine or newspaper, and where to place them.”
If you haven’t seen it yet on TED, watch Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles.”
  • Also interesting is how the headline (AOL Editions: It’s Like Flipboard For Baby Boomers) differs from the URL (

Are they hunting for better SEO, or trying not to sound so predatory?

Interesting times, indeed.