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Coffee, No Fries, Thank You

Starbucks takes over second place for top restaurant chainsIt shouldn’t be a surprise that more people are spending time and money at Starbucks than they are at Burger King. Or, that the traditional burger-and-fry chains that once dominated the list of top chain restaurants are all slipping, except for McDonald’s.

Advertising Age revealed the “Top 10 U.S. Restaurants, per Technomic” and it shows Starbucks in the #3 slot, now ahead of Burger King.

It’s tempting to credit these changes to a healthier America (Subway is #2) or an increase in the consumption of strong coffee (my vote.) Or to point to Starbucks increase of their measured media spending (doubling it to $94.4 million, up from $47 million in 2009.)

More likely it’s a company that listens to their customers, shifts with the changes, and reacts quickly to demand. Just a few years ago many thought Starbucks had reached their peak as they closed hundreds of locations around the country. But they were reacting, quickly, and the results are now obvious.